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Formed on March 25, 2007

Last Updated May 27, 2008

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Currently we have 21 Auburn Columbian Squires.  Our Squires had their first business meeting on April 15, 2007 and an investiture prior to the meeting.  We're able to conduct our own investitures (first degree if you will) which will make it easy to bring in new members to our circle. Up coming events are: to help the Knights with the Testimonial on Friday, May 4th and Saturday May 5th.  Some ideas running through the Squires heads are a car wash, air soft games/BBQ, Church clean up day, and assist with parking at Auburn Fair Grounds (overflow).  The Squires have a book of ideas to start from but just like the Knights, any input or ideas from our parish, family, or friends that can assist in our success would be appreciated.  If you know of anyone who is interested please contact Stephen Kujawa 530-823-5859 or Dave Ordorica at 530-889-9459 or the Squires Council Committee.

CIRCLE NEWS - MAY 17, 2007

Dinner Servers

The Squires served dinner for the Testimonial on May 5th for the Auburn Council. The Squires not only got to start their circle off with it's first activity but the got to sport their new shirts (compliments of the Knights). All through the night there were well wishers and congradulations from most of the guests, happy to see a Squires Circle started. The Squires felt like they were celebrities with all of the possitive comments and photos that other guests were taking. Good job to all of the Squires and a big thanks to the Ordorica's and Norm Chavez for their help as well. In mid May we received the letter from Supreme that we are officially approved as a Circle. The Auburn Knights of Columbus are the proud sponsors of The Auburn Columbian Squires Circle 5143 with the name of Saint Achilleus. The Squires business meeting is every second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm. The officers meeting is the Sunday before at 4:00pm. Both are held at St. Joseph church in the large conference room.


Flag waving

On June 2, worn out Americain flags were cermoniously burned by the VFW in Lincoln. Attending were representives of Squire Circle 5143, Boy Scouts, and color guard of the Knights of Columbus.

color guard Johnathan & David

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The Squires were established under the direction of Brother Barnabas McDonald, F.S.C., on August 4, 1925. At that time there was a national interest in youth in the United States, as reflected by the development of the Boy Scouts of America and the Big Brother movement. The Boy Movement Committee of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus sent questionnaires to each Grand Knight and after receiving the responses met with Brother Barnabas. Brother Barnabas had gained a national reputation for his pioneering work with delinquents and orphans. According to Brother Barnabas, “The supreme purpose of the Columbian Squires is character building.” Squires have fun and share their Catholic faith, help people in need, and enjoy the company of friends in social, family, athletic, cultural, civic and spiritual activities. Through their local circle, Squires work and socialize as a group of friends, elect their own officers, and develop into Catholic leaders.


Each Circle is supervised by a Knights of Columbus Council or Assembly and has an advisory board made up of either the Grand Knight, the Deputy Grand Knight and Chaplain or the Faithful Navigator, the Faithful Captain and Faithful Friar. Circles are either Council based, parish based, or school based, depending on the location of the circle and the Knight counselors. The Squires officers consist of Chief Squire, Deputy Chief Squire, Bursar Squire, Notary Squire, Marshall, Arm Captain and Pole Captain. Adults (members of the Knights of Columbus) fill the roles of Chief Counselor, Chancellor and Father Prior. The 5,000th Squires Circle was recently instituted at St. Mary's Catholic High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Squires circles have been instituted throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Cuba, Panama, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands and Guam.


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The emblem of the Squires symbolizes the ideals which identify a squire. On the arms of a Maltese cross are the letters "P," which represents the physical development necessary to make the body as strong as the spirit; "I," which stands for the intellectual development needed for cultural and mental maturity; "S," which represents the spiritual growth and practice of our faith and "C," which stands for the development of citizenship and civic life. The larger letters: "C," representing Christ; "S," the Squires; and "K," the Knights of Columbus, by whom the Squires program is sponsored, are intertwined in the center of the cross. They are the three foundations of the program. The Latin motto, "Esto Dignus," encircles the emblem. Translated into English, it means "Be Worthy."

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