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Auburn Council 6149
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Charter Members

Inaugurated - May 12th, 1969

Chaplain - Rev. Marshall 

Grand Knight - Joseph Bueb

Deputy Grand Knight



Financial Secretary


Recorder - Donald Epperson


Inside Guard

Outside Guard


C.J. Bothello L.L Burgard R.L. Burke
Dr. G. Coates A. Facha T.G. Kassis
T.F. Kelley T. M Kirn Rev T. Marshall
P.L Meyer L.A. O'Shea A.L Perini
L.T. Raffetto J.J Rawlins C.G. Schumacher
R.E. Shields K.F. Small R.L.Thill
P.R Thomas F.J. Wiegl B.B Whitney
A.F. Amaro D.E.Baldoni J.A. Bueb
L.J. Cicchini J.H. Connor L.A Capatelli
A.G. Lote M.J. Dauenhauer C.E Davis
D.M. Duckworth  E.J. Farinha R.C.Ford 
D.L Hennesey D.J. Higgins M.E. Kalkowski
R.A.Ladeck E.P.McGiveney W.J.McKillip
C.H.Onthank E. Puccioni, Jr. T.M Rafetto
J.A.Remington G.H. Reuter Rev P.J. Sheehy
L.A.Solton T.E Tangney G.H. Tarleton
L.A. Weaver R.A.Willick W.G Wilson


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